Fresh Ideas on Transfer Rights

Our transfer rights platform will focus on increasing integration into social clubs and organizations for transfer students. As of now, the New Student Orientation programming works very hard to differentiate the freshmen and transfer orientation schedules to best address the needs and concerns of the two groups. NSO addresses foundational information for transfer students such as important locations and class policy, and it also provides specific programming customized for transferring students who have already attended a previous institution. However, with GU’s emphasis on “club culture” , it can be difficult for a transfer student to pursue his or her passion when many clubs are focused on the longevity that comes with selecting younger students. Further, while Georgetown has a strong record of connecting transfer students who can relate to one another’s experience, initiatives need to be taken to connect transfers with the whole student body in order to fully immerse them in the Georgetown experience.



  • Transfer/Organization One-on-One: In order to help transfer students explore their extracurricular options, we will work with every organization on campus to develop an ambassador program. Transfer students will express interest in a group or fill out a survey, and a representative from each organization will be available to arrange for a lunch with the student to help them explore GU’s options.