Fresh Ideas on Student & Non- Student Worker Rights

Before the last GUSA administration (Enushe Khan and Chris Fisk), there was no infrastructure for student workers rights. Some strides that have been made include the creation of Student Worker Affairs policy team to the creation of a Student Worker Complaint Form. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of this form as well as make information to student workers more accessible so that they know their rights within their respective jobs.



  • Improving Relationship with SEO: To be able to accomplish all the goals that we are looking to be done, the relationship that the next GUSA administration needs to have with SEO is one that is collaborative and active. With a partnership with SEO, GUSA will be able to advocate better for student workers.
  • Advertise Student Worker Complaint Form: Currently there is a student worker complaint form that is out to the student body. However, the student body does not know about this form. We need to increase the awareness of this form so that we can see what students need as well as specific shops on campus that have a high volume of complaints and focus our efforts on them.
  • Create an infrastructure on this issue: Currently, we do not have any information beyond 2015 on the situation of student workers. It is important that people are able to looks back at past administrations to find helpful strategies and policies that helped them. It is also vital to press the university to commit to guaranteeing certain rights for student workers (similar to the Just Employment Policy that applies to employees/subcontractors of Georgetown.
  • Student Worker Manual: Many students do not know their rights as Georgetown student workers. The goal of GUSA should be one that makes this information accessible to the student body through the creation of a manual that can be given to a student as soon as they start working.
  • Evaluate Current Hiring Process: Meeting with administrators to discuss examination of existing hiring processes of additional new managers, and make changes to the hiring process to meet the demand for campus facilities staff.

  • Worker Programming: A program of language classes for campus facilities workers to facilitate self-advocacy, awareness of rights, and more efficient communication between staff and management.

  • Direct Hiring: Advocating for direct hiring as opposed to subcontractors for campus facilities and dining staff.

  • Supporting GSC & Workers: Supporting the Georgetown Solidarity Committee’s goals of advocating for campus workers, seeking fair and just wages, and increasing transparency and worker input in worker contract negotiations processes.

How We’re Impacting You

  • The goal of this administration will be to make information more accessible to the student body as well as making sure that the complaints of student workers are heard by their respective departments.