Fresh Ideas on Student Health and Wellness

Georgetown students change the world. They’re at home, doing everything from launching startups to leading community-orientated alternative break programs, and they’re abroad, engaged in service learning and impactful innovation. However, Hoyas can only achieve this level of success when they are healthy and well. We want to see a Georgetown infrastructure that supports the health needs of every student, so Hoyas can get back to doing what we’re best at. Visit our Mental Health platform.


  • Advocating for the long-term provision of free menstrual hygiene products in all gender bathrooms in the ICC and student-life buildings.
  • Work with MedStar and Health Education Services to create a student-friendly guide to the Georgetown insurance plan
  • Improve the Student Health Center
    • Replace the written check-in process with a digital check-in system on computer screens to streamline to check-in process for receptionists, eliminate students’ confusion about whether their insurance is accepted, and give students the opportunity to denote gender pronouns
    • Begin using basic data-mining tactics to predict the number of doctors and nurses that we need to have on staff during any given week
    • Push the university to hire a “health advocate” to assist students in determining what services fall under their insurance plan and advocate on their behalf when they are wrongly charged for healthcare.
    • Inform the student body of each improvement so that previous bad experiences do not inhibit students from utilizing SHC.
  • Sexual Health
    • Advocate for free and anonymous HIV screening once a semester.
    • Advocate for free and anonymous STI screening at least once a semester, and pursue independent means of funding.
    • Advocate for continued coverage for contraception for students on student health insurance, despite changes to federal legislation.
  • Inclusivity
    • Advocate for cultural competency training for CAPS staff and LGBTQ competency training for CAPS and SHC service providers.