Fresh Ideas on Residential Living

With the Campus Plan being finalized, Georgetown has made a promise to renovate current buildings on campus. With this, GUSA should make sure that the University holds it promise on renovating buildings on campus as well as keeping a big source of jobs for students- RHO.



  • Renovation of Georgetown Buildings: As students, we have all faced problems with dorms and buildings on campus from our rooms flooding to mold. GUSA should become the advocating body of getting the most needed buildings renovated first, such as Darnall, so that student life can become more pleasant.
  • Preservation of RHOs: A big source of jobs for students comes from the RHOs. If the RHOs were to be consolidated, a lot of students would lose their jobs and for many their only source of income. With this, GUSA should negotiate with the university to stop this so that a major source of jobs on campus stays alive and well for future generations of Hoyas as well as ours.
  • Save Brown House (again): Work with administration to find an alternate space to convert into faculty housing.


How We’re Impacting You

  • GUSA is here to advocate for students and their daily lives as well. A major part of student life are dorms and jobs. Because of this, GUSA should make sure that the dorms that need the most renovation are renovated first so students can live in a more comfortable environment. GUSA also realizes that some students rely on RHO jobs for a source of income. For this reason, GUSA should make strides in stopping the RHO consolidation so that there can be a large pool of jobs for Hoyas.