Fresh Ideas on Religious Advocacy

From Georgetown’s beginning as a religious institution welcoming to multiple faiths, to the welcoming of America’s first Hindu priest as a chaplain this past year, GU has been at the forefront of religious inclusivity. If elected, we will continue this trend. We seek primarily to support the continued success of the Campus Ministry Student Forum (CMSF) and to integrate religious space into the broader campus plan.



  • Greater representation within GUSA for CMSF: By increasing dialogue between the CMSF advisory board and GUSA, religious organizations can better understand how GUSA can be a partner and resource for promoting religious inclusivity. This may be accomplished by designating a representative to attend CMSF board meetings and continue to advocate for the changing needs of the forum throughout the course of the year. Other strategies for partnership may be developed in conversations between GUSA and CMSF.
  • Continue to advocate for designated prayer spaces for Hindu and Muslim students as well as long term plans for an interfaith prayer and community space on campus.
  • Promote and sponsor events and resources such as religious festivals and celebrations from all faiths, interfaith events, and the Campus Ministry and chaplain-in-residence programs to make religious inclusivity accessible to a wider berth of students.
  • Support CMSF and affiliated organizations in their efforts to help students develop their interreligious understanding through learning about and engaging with other faith traditions. Continue to promote the development of new student organizations representing additional religious traditions and backgrounds.
  • Engage in dialogue and advocacy to speak out against and prevent discrimination on the basis of religion, and support threatened communities in the ways they best see fit.