Fresh Ideas on Mental Health

We believe that by asking to be your student body president and vice president, we take on a responsibility for the mental health of the student body. We believe that this responsibility includes advocating for a stronger safety net when students experience mental health distress, and in building communities where students can engage with positive mental health habits.



  • Creating Communities of Care
    • Education
      • Peer Facilitations: we will engage with Active Minds and Project Lighthouse to create peer-to-peer facilitations focused on decreasing stigma and increasing awareness of resources
    • Advocacy
      • Support the Cura Personalis Project (CPP): we will allocate GUSA resources towards the completion of the CPP, an initiative to ensure evidence-based mental health programming in campus events



  • Strengthening the Safety Net
    • Education
      • Ensure the Student Wellness Advisory Board is an open environment
    • Advocacy
      • Retroactive course withdrawal
      • First semester pass/no record for first-years, opt-in during add/drop for transfer students
      • Cultural Competency Training for Safety Net Affiliated Administrators
      • CAPS Staffing: we will work with student advocates to assess if CAPS clinicians meet the diversity and ability needs of students