Fresh Ideas in LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Georgetown offers several different resources for the LGBTQ community from an LGBTQ resource center to GUPride. To QPOC (Queer People of Color) Georgetown should continue its commitment to the LGBTQ community by increasing the populations they reach. This can include the University adding more all gender bathrooms as well as adding a LLC floor to increase the sense of community within this group on campus.


  • All Gender Bathrooms: With the renovation of different student dorms and university building in the works, GUSA should push to get all gender bathrooms within these spaces. It should also push for future buildings to include all gender bathrooms just like Arrupe and FJR have.
  • LGTBQ+ LLC Floor: An LGBTQ+ living learning community can provide queer and trans students with a safe residential space and community outside of formal resources on campus. An LGBTQ+ LLC floor will help students within the queer and trans communities develop friendships, find a supportive and affirming community, and have a safe living environment.
  • Increasing Gender Identity Options: We will push administrators to include more gender identities within university applications (housing, study abroad, grants, etc.), so that no student feels left out of the Hilltop.
  • Cultural Competency Training: We will advocate to the administration having cultural competency training surrounding LGBTQ issues, including history, intersectionality, and being an ally.
  • Inclusivity Assessment for Health and Wellness Services: We will engage with the administration to assess the role of intersectionality in health and wellness services.
  • Create guide for LGBTQ-supportive classes: We believe it is crucial that students understand what options they have on the Hilltop today.