Fresh Ideas on Free Speech

Georgetown University supports free expression. It is important now than ever for students to promote a tolerant, open-minded, and respectful environment to engage in dialogue on issues with their peers. While we want everyone to feel comfortable to express their beliefs, there is a boundary when it becomes harassment. We want to continue working with student organizations to inform them about the university’s policies and steps to take if they have been targeted for their identities or beliefs.


  • Increase outreach to student organizations about speech and expression policies and how to report bias and harassment incidents
  • Maintain GUSA storage for unrecognized student groups
  • Advocate for the designation of high-demand rooms as classrooms so unrecognized groups can reserve them
  • Work with unrecognized student groups and advocate for their right to free speech
  • Have GUSA Free Speech members serve in the Speech and Expression Committee to work with administrators
  • Support the inclusion of harassment policies in the Student Speech and Expression Policy Handbook