Fresh Ideas on Cultural and Racial Advocacy

We want to make GUSA representative of the student population. Some of our best student advocates are not involved in GUSA but we want to work collaboratively with them to make the most impact as possible. We want to continue having conversations with students, staff, faculty, staff, and administrators to address issues facing students of color at Georgetown to ensure they have the best experience during their time in the Hilltop.


  • Hold information sessions in departments such as GSP, CMEA, CSJ to encourage students to get involved in the GUSA Executive and run for GUSA Senate
  • Continue to create school-wide programming surrounding topics of cultural and racial diversity
  • Strengthen relationships with cultural organizations to cross-promote events
  • Continue working with members of the Provost’s Committee for Diversity on ways to collaborate for campus-wide events.
  • Work with student organizations who are interested in increasing their socio-economic and cultural diversity within their leadership and membership
  • Advocate for a Latinx studies program
  • Continue LEAD diversity training for all GUSA members
  • Work with NSO leadership to continue improving Pluralism in Action sessions for NSO staff and new students
  • Support the creation of an Asian House
  • Ensure the implementation of the Campus-Wide Racial Climate Survey for the 2017-2018 academic year