Fresh Ideas in the Arts

At Georgetown, there are many extracurricular opportunities for the arts in dance and theatre. However, in music, film, and visual arts, there is a distinct lack of presence on campus. As of now, there is an emerging underground scene attempting to promote these art forms. If elected, we will bring it to the foreground.


  • Accessibility to Arts Event and Information: GUSA should become an advocating body for The Arts. We will do this by launching a website that consists of events and clubs in which students can get involved in.
  • Increasing Artistic Events: GUSA events should start incorporating opportunities for artistic students to get involved. This can involve anything from allowing them to plan parts of it to them pitching ideas for these events to be more inclusive for the arts.
  • Continue on Arts Week: Continue working with GUSA Arts Commission to plan the Arts Week, which will be an effort to promote Arts on campus through events and other promotional endeavors