Fresh Ideas on Campus Technology

Our current wifi networks, SaxaNet and GuestNet, have decent speed when fully operational, but the main problems lie in coverage dead-spots and overall inconsistency. These coverage problems are amplified even more at outdoor, open areas on campus as well as high traffic areas and off campus townhouses. An additional key service from UIS includes printing on campus, for which we must advocate for color service in dorms and overall. Also, students have the ability to check out expensive technology at Gelardin and the Maker Hub for classwork and for personal projects.


  • Ensure a smooth transition of Verizon as the service provider to manage Saxanet and Guestnet.
  • Pressure the university to re-evaluate the contract with Ellucian (MyAccess provider), and rally student voices to keep pre-registration
  • Incorporate a technology module in NSO to address tech services on campus and how to make use of Gelardin and the Maker Hub
  • Release a campus-wide survey to evaluate student sentiment around printing, WiFi and other services.
  • Reach out to the Cawley Career Center to discuss ways in which their office can bolster its offering of tech-related info sessions, on-campus interviews etc.
  • Promote more robust offerings for computer science courses that are now overcrowded and limited.
  • Improve laundry machines and simplify the reimbursement process for machines that take your money
  • Call to have a student representative sit on GU360 Steering Committee meetings that deal with student portals/services
  • Improve the UIS Help Desk: revamp the service center to better handle printer maintenance.