Fresh Ideas on Athletics


Currently, club sports on campus do not have the full resources to be able to reach their full potential. At times, student’s schedule impedes them from joining varsity sports, which has numerous resources, and decided to join club sports. As GUSA, we should start engaging with the Club Sports because even though they are 10% of Georgetown population, they should have a voice and all the resources they need to be successful.



  • Practice Spaces and Kehoe Field: Push the university to set a timeline and a date for the start and finish renovations of Kehoe Field. In the meantime, the university should provide reserved practice spaces for club sports. This will include allowing teams to practice at Duke Ellington and Georgetown Visitation Center.
  • Affordability: GUSA should be the university to create necessary resources for students who cannot afford to participate in club sports. This will include, using the GUSA Fund, ABCS, GSP, and other resources on campus.
  • Access to Gym Spaces: Currently, only varsity sports are allowed to use certain equipment at the Thompson Center, but should also be accessible to club sports
  • Nike Contract: The University should hold Nike accountable on their statement of having outside inspections for their factories. These affect athletes on campus who use Nike wear. This will be a hand and hand effort with GSC and other stakeholders.
  • Cheerleaders & Insurance: Currently, Georgetown Cheer does not have medical insurance. However, this is a problem since Georgetown Cheer usually does stunts that can lead to severe injuries that can affect their education. GUSA should speed the process to get Georgetown Cheer under the insurance plan.
  • Helping ABCS: As an advocacy body, GUSA should advocate on behave of ABCS as well as help them with Georgetown Administration. This can create a ripple effect where advocating for student athletes, varsity/club/ intramural, will become easier than before.