Fresh Ideas on Academic Affairs

Our platform runs on being able to include student voices that have not been included in it before. We want to create coalitions with student groups that have experience within these issues. Building on existing connections with Academic Councils and the Red House will help our Academic Affairs policy coalition become more efficient and know what the student body wants through the voices that engaged in this issue the most.


  • Be able to insure that students are involved in the decisions that Deans make for requirements since administrators at times are not aware of the burden is of adding unnecessary requirements to student’s schedules.
  • Advocate for the student body and the type of registration they want. If the student body wants preregistration then we will advocate for that. We will not allow the University to implement a plan that does not represent the student body’s interest.
  • Make sure that students are awarded credit for internship opportunities.
  • Become more transparent with textbook cost. This will include a halt period within syllabus week and textbook purchasing period. The reasons being that some students have refunds that come in two weeks in and need the money for textbook purchases.
  • Be able to streamline the office hour process. At times students have job or outside commitment that halts them. This process could include recording office hours/ study hall periods
  • Institute a retroactive withdrawal period. The reason being that students are at times force to withdraw from a course for mental health reasons and having retroactive withdraw will insure that students aren’t hurt academically for mental health reason.
  • Increase study spaces because popular study spots on campus become packed during the study periods (midterms and finals).